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  • Climate Change by Numbers

    Climate Change by Numbers

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    Three mathematicians, Dr Hannah Fry, Prof Norman Fenton and Prof David Spiegelhalter, present a new perspective on climate change.

  • Using maths to recycle rubbish

    Using maths to recycle rubbish

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    Stefan Gates finds out that machines can sort rubbish into different 2D and 3D shapes when he visits a vast recycling plant. He speaks to Richard Kirkman who explains how they use different machines to sort the rubbish by weight and shape. Stefan throws s

  • Saving your cash

    Saving your cash

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    Radio 1 Newsbeat journalist Adina Campbell meets Nick, a 16 year old with a clear goal encouraging him to save. Nick’s example shows how even a relatively small amount of money can add up over a year, and they investigate how banks can add to this t

  • Popular Bargain hunting

    Bargain hunting

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    Radio 1 Newsbeat journalist Adina Campbell investigates how to make the most of your spending money. She visits the supermarket with students Leanne and Jack and together they try to buy the best bargains by considering unit price, bulk buying, and choice

  • Popular Balance your budget

    Balance your budget

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    Adina Campbell helps student Katherine take charge of her finances by creating a budget. They discuss essential and non-essential expenditure and work out ways to reduce spending. This clip is from: Made of Money First broadcast:18 January 2013

  • Popular Using clues to solve logic problems

    Using clues to solve logic problems

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    Princess Amber is imprisoned by the Evil Ruler. To rescue her, Captain Calamity must use logic and clues to find and slay the huge, fire-breathing dragon and bring back evidence that he has achieved this. He heads east and carries a blue triangular flag a

  • How to pay with a £2 coin

    How to pay with a £2 coin

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    How to pay with a £2 coin and receive change. A clown is buying things with a £2 coin. Some items cost less than £2 so change is needed. The clown shows combinations of £2. How much money is needed to buy a hat and a toy rabbit? Th

  • Popular Getting 5p change from 20p

    Getting 5p change from 20p

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    Little Juan needs new things for school. His mother takes him shopping and buys goods costing 15p. She only has a 20p piece, so what should she do? El Nombre explains that when the amount you give to pay is greater than the amount you owe, you need to be

  • Popular Finding coins to make 50p

    Finding coins to make 50p

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    The children are on a quest to change a 50p piece into different coins but still making 50p. El Nombre helps the children to find coins of different value to make a total of 50p. This clip is from: Numbertime, Money: Coin recognition to 50p First broadcas

  • Data organisation and tallying

    Data organisation and tallying

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    An introduction to the importance of data organisation and tallying. Following a storm, Robinson Crusoe lands on an island. He wants to keep a record of how long he is on the island. Randomly recording days is not very helpful so he starts to organise his