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Help with Writing Essay Papers on Love

Most of the world renowned plays and books are based on love stories. That is probably because love is one of the most controversial subjects in today’s world. Most people want to hear sweet love stories which have a happy ending. Authors consequently develop stories to captivate such an audience.

A significant number of such plays and books are consistently studied by literature scholars in different parts of the world. They do so to comprehend the different styles used and critical aspects about the plays including like themes, literature styles etc. Essays are a common phenomenon to such scholars since to examine their understanding the love plays.

Contrary to popular belief, writing an essay is very simple and straight forward. You can easily pass your paper regardless of the complexity of your prompts. There are five easy steps which should help you learn how to write an impeccable paper to earn you good grades:

Master Your Book

The most fundamental step in passing any essay is book mastery. You should not lie to yourself that you can just answer any prompt without fully comprehending the book and its related features. Book mastery not only helps you in inappropriately answering the questions but also boosts your confidence before you even get your prompt. A student who has fully mastered the book has a higher chance of passing compared to one who has only relied on his study guides.

Comprehend Your Prompt

It is generally impossible to pass any exam without comprehending the questions asked. Similarly, you cannot get a good grade in your essays without comprehending the prompts. The prompt is the particular question you are expected to answer through the paper. For example, a prompt for a Romeo and Juliet love story could be “Discuss the theme of heterosexual relationships as portrayed by Romeo and Juliet”

Get Your Outline Right

The main difference between an essay and an article is the format. Although the research papers differ, they have one thing in common- the same outline. Each paper should have an outline composed of:


Thesis Statement




None of these elements should miss in your paper regardless of the type of question you are answering. In fact, examiners always dedicate a certain amount of marks to the format.

Focus on the Strong Points

The core of the essay is your points. They largely determine your final grades. It is therefore exceedingly important to mostly focus on the strong, undeniable points. They should be written in topics and accompanied by relevant backing from excerpts within the book. It is also advisable to back your points with relevant resources and subsequently include the references

Proofread Your Work

This is the last and one of the most important steps in writing an excellent love essay. Unfortunately, many students ignore this step and hand in their papers without second scrutiny of their work. Proofreading is very essential in identifying the shortcomings in your work. It will help you correct them and eventually hand in a sample of a comprehensive paper without mistakes.