Research Paper Guide to Help with Writing

Research Paper Writing Short Guide

A research paper is the final product of a process that involves organization, composition, critical thinking and source evaluation. It helps in thinking of the research paper as a living thing, that grows and changes. The heart of a research paper is the primary and secondary sources and they help in providing nourishment. Without this support sources, the paper would have been a different genre of writing. The research paper provides the writer with exceptional opportunity to increase his or her knowledge in this field.

What you need to know about a research paper is that, it is not an informed summary of a topic and it is not a book report or an expository essay. The paper is a genre that needs the writer to spend a lot of time evaluating and investigating sources. The main objective of a research paper is not informing the reader, what other people will say about a topic but engaging sources in order to offer a unique perspective on the issue.

Choose a topic that you like

The first step in any type of research paper is to understand the assignment. If you do not understand, you are going to waste a lot of time when composing the paper. If you have no idea of how to write a research paper, seek for more help from your professor.  Do not fear to ask any question if there is. If you understand the assignment, this will give you a good chance to focus on other aspects like how to sample your topic and identifying your audience.

When it comes to selecting a topic, you will encounter either one or two situations. The first situation will occur if the instructor will offer a list of topics that the writer should choose. If this is the case, it is good to approach the instructor with your own ideas. You can ask the instructor if the topic that you have can be a research option for the assignment. If the instructor likes the topic, this is great and if not select a topic from the list that looks interesting for you.

Identify the goal of the paper

There are mainly two types of research paper

An argumentative research paper

Analytical research paper

The argumentative research paper is composed of an introduction; this is where the writer introduces the topic and informs the audience what stance he intends to take. This stance is known as thesis statement. The topic of an argumentative research paper should be debatable. There are so many examples of argumentative research paper online you can have a look at them.

An analytical research paper starts with the student asking a question. It offers a fresh look for a very important matter. The subject should not be controversial but you should persuade your audience that your ideas have merit.

Find good sources

When writing the paper, it is good to use different sources like books, academic journals and websites. Get all your prompts and tips right before you start writing. There are so many sources that can be found online. A source like Wikipedia is not accepted when it comes to academic papers. All papers usually start with an introductory paragraph. The introduction should not only present your thesis but it should also be in a position to entice the reader. Body paragraphs should outline information that will support your thesis.

Proof read your paper

After writing the paper, it is good to proof it. When proofreading read it aloud by doing this you will be able to identify some of the areas that require rewording and clarification. Check for grammatical and structural problems. Format everything according to the instructions. You can use the spell check program to check for any spelling mistakes. After revising the paper, ask somebody to read the paper to find out if the thesis is clear.