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Help with Writing Scientific Papers

Write created this guide on writing scientific research papers because we know academic paper writing is hard, it is hard for everybody, even for an experienced essaywanted writers. This article covers such points to consider as: research methods, topics, writing an introduction, outline and conclusion and some general tips on the goals and questions.

What are the scientific paper components?

As a rule this type of research papers follows controversial format, thus should have the following parts:

Introduction – this part should answer the Why question

Methods – answer the following questions: where, when, how much and how

Result – answer the Why question

Discussion – the question is ‘so what?’

The entire writing process has 5 main stages:


You should make notes, brainstorm, sketch out your presentation and write thesis statement variants

Forget about formatting, spelling and grammar for now, focus on listing your main points and ideas

Think about your core goal as a writer, define the needs of your audience


Start writing the section that seems to be the most interesting and easy to write

The next part to write can be whatever you want or feel comfortable with

Stop writing when you are tired


First you need to revise the content, then structure and finally – the style

Don’t forget what you main goal is – providing clear evidence to support your point of view

Ask your friends and/or colleagues for feedback


Check again if you data is accurate

Correct all the spelling and grammar errors

Proofreading Read a printed version of your script to see even more mistakes. Correct them

Variations in reports

There is one common set up for all the scientific papers, but variations do present in the reports. Keep in mind that your report should ease the comprehension and reading of your script. Your task as a researcher is to filer massive data amounts and ensure the reader to be able to move though the report’s data with ease. Pretty often, it is a fact, scientists do not read reports chronologically; they just skip to the findings omitting the methods section. This is why you should clearly distinguish two different major sections – results and findings’ interpretation.

Tips on how to write a good title

It should be located on the title page, tough some other types of papers require the title to be written on the first page of a paper

Your title must be concise and descriptive. No jargon is allowed in the paper title

You should capitalize all the nouns

Center your title

Place your name and the date below the title of paper’s title

How to write an introduction?

It should focus on overall issue and explain why the topic is important

Make the reader evaluate your research by providing sufficient background and context

Define all the terms and abbreviations that might not be known by your fellow students

Introduce your research question and research problem to your readers